HEAL with Horses Therapeutic Centre

Human Equine Assisted Learning


Suzanne Latchford-Kulker loves horses, nature and helping others, and these passions led her along with her husband Ron to establish their “Heal with Horses Therapeutic Centre” in 2009. The centre is located on Danforth Road in Hillier, Ontario and has nine therapy horses. Suzanne is certified in Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) and is a Horse Boy Method Level 1 practitioner.

Heal with Horses Therapeutic Centre utilizes horses, animals and nature in conjunction with professional coaching/facilitation to help improve the lives of adults/juveniles and children suffering from a number of neuropsychiatric and physical limitations, such as, but not limited to: Autism, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and low self-esteem as well as those who want to experience self-discovery/spiritual growth.

The horse is a colleague in this healing process. The centre’s nine horses are special in that they are not kept in barns and stalls. They are free to roam the pasture year-round, which allows each horse to live with its natural instincts and awareness intact and fully developed. In nature, horses are prey animals; they are the “hunted, not the hunter”. Horses are very sensitive creatures and are very much in tune with their environment as a matter of survival. They truly live in the moment. Suzanne’s horses are accustomed to children and adults, and are very gentle and steady with humans.

In a therapeutic session, the horse interacts with the client using all of its heightened senses to “read” the client. During various exercises together, the horse is continually reflecting back to the human, with its body language and movement, what it is sensing. Under Suzanne’s skilled supervision and guidance, the client’s self-awareness is soon heightened; the inner turmoil is calmed and self-healing can then begin.

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Suzanne Latchford-Kulker

997 Danforth Rd Hillier, ON K0K 2J0