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At Heal With Horses you discover a new world, and in discovering a new world, you discover a new part of yourself!

Welcome to Heal With Horses

Programs and Services

Heal With Horses is a registered charity dedicated to providing horse-related recreational facilities, activities and programs with the primary focus to promote good health, physical wellness, and enhance an overall sense of enjoyment. Over the past decade, we have created a safe, quiet, natural rural setting for people of all ages and physical and mental abilities to come and interact with our herd of horses (18). These interactions offer humans the physical benefits, challenges and emotional rewards of riding a horse, grooming it, leading the horse through obstacles, other various horse/human activities, interaction with a variety of small animals, and recreational walks with horses through the forest. This unique blend of activities, which HWH has specifically developed, provide proven positive benefits in a person's overall physical well-being.

Heal With Horses is the only recreational facility of its kind in this region with this exclusive blend of horse-related activities available to all age groups and all physical fitness levels. Our facilities and services are wheelchair accessible. We have specialty saddles for those who are physically handicapped and ones that allow 2 riders to be seated and ride. Naturally, our staff is specially trained to work with these people with special needs.

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Horse Sponsorship Program

**Introducing our NEW Horse Sponsorship Program!**

The costs for feed, vet and farrier services can be upwards of $25 000 per year, per horse. Therefore, your contribution to help keep our herd happy and healthy is very much needed and appreciated!

To see our different levels of sponsorship packages, click the button below!

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