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Suzanne Latchford-Kulker

Suzanne Latchford-Kulker

Suzanne Latchford-Kulker

Suzanne Latchford-Kulker loves horses, all other animals, nature, and helping others.  These passions led her, along with her husband Ron, to establish their “Heal with Horses Therapeutic Centre” at their farm in 2009.

Suzanne is certified in Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL), and in the fall she will become a trainer of FEEL. She also became a Horse Boy Method Level 1 practitioner when we had Horse Boy come to do a workshop at the farm several years ago.


Each summer we end up with a few young workers to assist with sessions, help with the horses, and assist with work around the farm. We also get a few members of Community Living to come and help as well. We really appreciate all of our workers!


We have quite a few volunteers at the farm who have been helping with various things over the last several years. Their work may include helping with fundraising, assisting with sessions, workshops, children’s camps, or whatever else assistance is needed for.