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Although there are many equine therapy farms operating in this province, there are none like Heal With Horses Therapeutic Centre. HWH stands alone in that we offer a large variety of therapies: Horse Boy, FEEL, horseback riding, and ground/horse/small animal interactive therapy. HWH welcomes children and adults of all ages and capabilities. All of these services are provided in a beautiful natural setting in rural countryside.

Indeed, this special place has been deliberately kept natural and serene in order for us to achieve our HWH goal, which is to provide equine therapies to all in a supportive, non-judgmental, and joyful manner.

Upcoming Events at Heal With Horses

Trust Technique Horse Training

James French from the UK is coming to Heal With Horses Therapeutic Centre on Saturday, September 30th to teach his Trust Technique. Go to the Trust Technique website to learn more and sign up.

trust technique website link

Chardon-Neigh Wine Ride

Save the date for the 4th Annual Chardon-Neigh Wine Ride, which will be held Saturday, October 14 (with the rain date being Sunday, October 15th ). More details will follow as the time draws closer, but for now tell your friends and mark your calendar!

Past Events in 2017

Children’s Day Camp With Horses

There were 2 sessions this summer for our Horse Camp for Kids. Children aged 6 and up are welcome, and the cost is $250.00 per child per session.

There are a lot of fun activities planned for the kids such as:

Horseback riding

Salamander hunting

Frog catching

Petting zoo animal playtime with our friendly sheep, goats, chickens, and


Crafts & games

Lavender Festival

Heal With Horses always participates in the annual Lavender Festival held in early July, and this year was no exception. We brought our horses and ponies for horseback rides for children and the goats and piggies for petting and cuddling. Of course, we set up our famous organic cotton candy stand to serve fresh, flavourful gourmet cotton candy and Sticky Fingers Lavender Popcorn to the delight of all who craved a taste of awesome sweetness!

Horse Speak Workshop

For 2 days in May, we hosted a Horse Speak workshop instructed by Sharon Wilsie of Wilsie Way Horsemanship, Westminster, Vermont. 

Sharon is a brilliant animal trainer and rehabilitation expert who works with equine rescues. Horse Speak is a practical system for “listening” and “talking” to horses in their language. By learning this system of communication, the participants of the workshop improved their understanding and handling of horses. All the participants were amazed at the level of understanding gained about horse behavior and were very anxious to get home to their own horse and start practicing Horse Speak. Horse Speak is easy to learn and use – once you know how, of course! 

Thank you Sharon for sharing your wisdom and love of horses with us.

More Professional Training & Certification

Suzanne Latchford-Kulker will be attending the FEEL Train-The- Trainer Workshop during the last week of September. The HWH team is excited for her to do so because Suzanne will then be able to train others in FEEL therapy techniques as well as her own team here at HWH. This increased level of training and teaching ability will only enhance the quality of therapy services offered at Heal With Horses in the future.

New Staffing for 2017 Season

Suzanne and Taylor Bongard, (who, by the way, has been a huge part of HWH for three years now), have hired some great young people to contribute their talents to our endeavors.

Matthew is a university student who intends to become a veterinarian. Matt grew up on a farm, has a great work ethic, kind spirit, and good knowledge of animal care. He has proved to be a tremendous asset to HWH and we are very grateful for his significant knowledge and contributions. 

Back again for a second summer is Elora,a local high school student who has years of experience with horses. Elora is a caring gentle person who relates well with our young clients and helps Taylor train the horses. 

Lastly, HWH welcomes Angela from Community Living who is helping around the farm is so many ways. Thank heaven for her happy demeanor and can-do attitude.

Our Equine Therapy Team Grows

This year we have graduated 4 more horses to join our existing team of therapy horses. These graduates are Remi, Willow, Solara, and Bingley. 

These young horses join Oberon, Sunshine, Boomer and Teddy to help with the important services we provide to our growing clientele.

Hopeful & Up-Lifting Client Stories

The three young Farrington boys have been coming to HWH for therapy sessions once a week for one and half years. One of the boys has autism, another has Aspergers and the third son has ADHD. For them and their parents, coming to HWH has been a positive family outing that they all love to do and can do together. The horseback riding provides a cohesive sibling experience as well as each child gets to bond with the horse he is riding. When the boys first arrived at the farm, none of them could ride at all, but now they are riding on their own—trotting along the trail and navigating through obstacle courses. They are learning self-regulation, teamwork, and animal care. How great is that!

Emma is a young pre-teen who came to HWH about one and half years ago. She is very sensitive and anxious, and one of the behaviours she exhibited was pulling out her eyelashes and eyebrows. Working with Taylor, Emma has enjoyed hours of bonding with the horses and being enveloped in their trusting. As a result, Emma has been able to let her guard down and experience her true self, which in turn has allowed her to grow and gain confidence. Even more rewarding for her (and us) is that she no longer self-inflicts injury (pulling hair out) in order to provide herself with relief.

Hannah is a young lady who, after 3 years of experiencing horse therapy, has developed into a responsible horsewoman!  Her sessions include going into the pasture, getting a horse, brushing it, equipping the horse with saddle and bridle, mounting and riding (while being lead). At first Hannah, was non-responsive, screaming, and had little self-control…all of which had negative an impact on her relationship with the horse. Over time and with the gentle teaching of the wise horses and facilitators, Hannah has learned the importance of her posture (body control), self-control, constructively expressing herself, awareness and improved accountability for her actions.

Farm Renovations and Improvements

If you have visited the farm recently, you cannot help but notice the big changes going on. With this extraordinarily wet spring that we had, flooding in low lying areas around the farm was problematic. Thankfully, a local construction company is giving HWH tonnes and tonnes of fill to allow us to reshape the land and contain the water flow. Once complete, our horses will be high and dry and safer.

A few years back, Heal With Horses received a fabulously generous donation of a portable building from Sherry at Karlo Estates Winery. It has been an amazingly useful and hospitable gift providing us humans with shelter everyday. But, it is time for an interior facelift so that we can offer a more welcoming and spiritual sanctuary. This project is our top priority for the fall. We intend to add new flooring, siding, doors and light fixtures, plus construct shelving and paint interior walls.

Recent Grants and Donations

As a non-profit organization, Heal With Horses is grateful for any donations to help cover the costs of feeding, sheltering and caring for the therapy horses and small animals. Heal With Horses Therapeutic Centre has been the fortunate recipient of several donations. Many many thanks to the Bernice Parrot Foundation, the Bay of Quinte Mutual Insurance Co, and Trendscare.

Contact Us

If you feel that Heal With Horses unique package of therapies might be of help to you or someone you know, please feel free to call for more information or to make a “get acquainted” appointment. You will be most welcome.