Events & Workshops

The Heal With Horses Centre offers unique and individualized programming for the individual or for the entire family. The centre’s approach is holistic in that it addresses the whole person and takes place under the canopy of nature. The environment is designed for stress reduction and expansion of one’s skills.

The key elements of horses, animals and nature reduce cortisol in the brain (the stress hormone) and increase the flow of oxytocin (the feel good hormone). When oxytocin is flowing the brain receptors open up and allow learning to take place. You then feel improved cognitive and physical function, emotional and social regulation, and personal growth.

Horse Boy Method

Horse Boy Website

It has been clinically documented that interacting with animals can change the brain wave patterns of humans. The Horse Boy Method can help open the communication lines with autistic children.

In June of 2013, Heal with Horses Therapeutic Centre hosted our first Horse Boy Method, Level 1 Workshop, led by Rupert Isaacson and Iliane Lorenz. The workshop was a wonderful success and it filled quickly.

Heal with Horses is planning to host another Horse Boy Method, Level 1 Workshop, and our first Horse Boy Method, Level 2 Workshop with Rupert Isaacson and Iliane Lorenz in September 2014. If you think you may want to be a participant in either of those workshops (Level 1 is a prerequisite for Level 2), then please contact us and we will let you know when arrangements have been made.

Horse Boy Method Play Date Sessions

If you have a child whom you believe would benefit from Horse Boy Method Play Date sessions, please read about the sessions here.

Authentic Discovery

An Introductory Workshop

Horses mirror our emotions and teach us about instinct through non-verbal communication. They read us as we are, not as who we think we are. While interacting with them they help us gently remove the layers necessary for us to experience our personal truth, power and creativity. This two day workshop is about getting to know who you truly are on the inside and how to listen to your authentic voice. When you are able to hear the deepest part of yourself you open to vast nuances of knowledge that will enrich your life.

With the horse you will:

  • strengthen your intuition and expand your awareness
  • connect to your heart and the horse’s
  • understand the messages behind your emotions
  • learn how to set healthy boundaries and much more.

Cost: $300
2 Day course
Available on demand (minimum of 4 participants required to run the program)
Please email or phone for dates.
*Please bring a picnic lunch
*Refreshments and snacks are included
*No horse experience necessary

Horse Medicine

A Spiritual Awareness Workshop

This two day workshop is grounded in spiritual growth through the wisdom of the horse. You will learn how horses act as a bridge in helping us connect with the web of all life and deepen your relationship to spirit. We are all interconnected and in order to understand our connection to one another and to the realm of nature we must learn to hear nature’s voice. This is not heard with our logical mind; rather it is heard through our intuition or our higher selves.

With the horse you will:

  • connect with the peace, silence and rhythm of nature
  • learn to communicate with the horse and nature at an intuitive level
  • connect with your creative spirit
  • awaken to your freedom and power and what truly has meaning for you


Activities will include a Shamanic Drumming Journey to meet your Horse Guide; making a Horse Medicine Shield (all materials provided); drumming releasing ceremony with your horse; horse dancing; meditative horse journey on horse back and much more.


Cost: $325
2 Day course
Available on demand (minimum of 4 participants required to run the program)
Please email or phone for date.
*Please bring a picnic lunch
*Refreshments and snacks are provided
*No horse experience necessary
Private Sessions

We are available to work one on one with individuals or families who wish to experience equine assisted learning outside of the group environment. Two hour sessions are available by appointment and are tailored to the individual’s needs. Sessions are developed based upon the client’s goals and therapeutic direction.

2hr Private Session Cost: $100