Meet the Herd

Ratchet is an older Quarter Horse, otherwise known as the “bomb proof” boy. Not much bothers him, except maybe if you ask him to move too quickly! He is great with people, calm and has a sense of humor. Ratchet enjoys taking kids on trail rides through Heal’s nature trails.


Sadie is a mixed breed of the “Canadian” horse and Morgan we believe. She is mature, and although she struggles with trust due to some abuse in her past, she has a lot of wisdom and teaches people to stay in the moment. If she feels you are not focused she will let you know and help bring you back to your centre.


Willow is Sadie’s daughter, she is a “Heinz 57” and has been at Heal since birth. She is young and a bit cheeky but she always makes you laugh. Willow loves doing tricks and is very intelligent. She is otherwise known as the “Horse Dog”; the horse that follows you around like a dog! That’s our Willow.


Solana is a “Peruvian Paso”, a breed of Spanish descent which is known to be one of the smoothest horses in the world. She came to Heal after being rescued from starvation and abuse. She was terrified of people and had no trust whatsoever. Although still very sensitive, with time and patience she has made leaps and bounds and is a survivor. She is beautiful to ride and teaches people not to ask for too much too quickly and to be calm and authentic “within”.


The “gentle giant”. Maddy is a mature 17’2 hand Clydesdale/Thoroughbred cross. Although her size is intimidating, she is a sweetheart. The day we watched her calmly following around a seven-year-old autistic boy at liberty and then roll in the sand close to him, I knew she could connect easily to the spirit of these young children. She is also an energetic horse and loves jumping. I once saw her clear one of the farms red gates which is over 4 feet tall from almost a stand still!


His name says it all! He is as cuddly as a “Teddy Bear”! Teddy is a mature Canadian/Thoroughbred cross. He loves being with people of all ages and will nuzzle you to death. He is very nurturing, he knows when you are sad and will stand by your side for hours just to simply be there for you.


Gracie is a Warmblood/Thoroughbred cross and is also a big girl in her twenties. Don’t let her age fool you; she has lots of spunk! She is a lovely girl and has soft gentle eyes. She loves people and especially cuddles and treats.


Gypsy is a Paso Fino and much like Solana, very smooth. He is a handsome boy that expresses his Spanish descent and catches the eye of many girls. He “prances around” and is as fast as lightning. This regal boy reminds us of a prince!


Lance description & picture coming soon.



Mateo description coming soon.

“Sophie”, otherwise known as “piggers” is Heal’s mini pot belly pig! Pigger’s loves coming for walks and comes running when you call her name. She’s kind of like a dog and is free to roam the property to forage for food and roll in the mud!


Hamilton & Tocin were donated from “Our Little Flock” and are Micro Mini Tea Cup pigs. Full grown they should weigh about 40 lbs! We are socializing them to be companion pigs for the children that come to Heal With Horses.