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Therapy Services

The Spirit of a Horse

We are called a “Therapeutic Centre” because it is our animals who are the true therapists; not us humans. We act as facilitators to help you understand how the animals are reading you.

Various programs are available at HWH and are designed to help individuals and families, children or adults. Some programs do not involve riding while others do. However, riding experience is not necessary. HWH bases its entire program on sound horses, trained facilitators, and quiet safe space in a natural setting.

Why do we refer to horses as “therapists”?

Our horses are very gentle and steady with humans. As the human and horse go through various exercises together, the horse is continually reflecting what it senses back to the human with its body language and movement. In a short period of time, the client’s self-awareness is heightened, their inner turmoil is calmed and self-healing can then begin.

The therapy horses are intuitive, sentient and empathetic due to their ability to pick up on subtle shifts in moods.  Their ability to sense a person’s truth makes it impossible for that person to hide their true feelings.  Horses thereby require an individual to be honest and bring their best selves forward.  They are silent observers and non-judgmental with no expectations or hidden agendas.

Once the therapy session is complete, our facilitators conduct debriefing sessions to help each participant clarify his/her experience with the intention to apply the new learned behaviour and awareness into their everyday lives.

HEAL with Horses therapy sessions can benefit people of all ages, young or old, and requires no previous horse experience. There are two different sessions that we provide: FEEL Sessions and Horse Boy Method Sessions.

F.E.E.L. (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning)

Emotions, Reflection, Authenticity, Personal Discovery, Spirituality

Have you ever yearned to be close to a horse? To feel their Soul, their Essence, their Spirit and their Beauty? To be open to what they can teach us through their innate instinct? At Heal With Horses we can help you connect to our beautiful horses through heart centered awareness. Our job as your facilitator is to guide you out of your analytical thinking mind and into your heart. From there we will have you connect your heart to that of the horse’s and the magic begins. Our horses will guide you to go deep inside yourself to find your own answers, your personal truth and your authenticity. The benefits have no boundaries. Typically, the benefits begin by calming anxiety and depression, boosting self-esteem and confidence, and can end with a feeling of personal power! HWH offers two methods of therapy.

Horse Boy Method

Horse Boy Method is a therapeutic program that is very effective for Special Needs children. It is particularly focused on neuro-psychiatric conditions such as Autism, PPD, Aspergers Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; anything related to the nervous system and the brain.

Horse Boy Method always works using kinetics (movement) in environments that do not stress the child; using nature and social animals. It is always respectful of the client’s current emotional state and needs. Simply interacting with the beautiful, soulful horses can be profound in itself for the child, but by coupling the experience with typical academic teachings, for example, the experiential education enhances impact and retention of the lessons learned.

It has been clinically documented that interacting with animals can change the brainwave patterns of humans. Animals, on their own, can naturally help us calm down, become more centered and stay in the moment. Riding on horseback naturally creates a rhythmic rocking motion of the hips. Science has proven that the rhythmic riding of a horse reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) in the brain and increases the flow of oxytocin (the feel good hormone). When oxytocin is flowing the brain receptors open up and learning is able to take place!

Therapy sessions are beneficial for physically challenged children as well.

Children’s Summer Camp

During the summer months, HWH conducts a few week-long day camps for children. The children receive riding lessons, play games, play with the small animals in the petting zoo, do crafts, swim in the pool, do nature walks, and so on. The children are well supervised by our facilitators who are experienced with childcare and horses. Please check out our events page for more information about upcoming day camps.


Therapy Sessions for Individuals:

$60.00 per hour

$45.00 per half/hour

Therapy Session for families:

$100.00 per hour

  • If you cannot afford the therapy fees, HWH may be able to help you. HWH has a fundraising division and money raised goes towards supporting families with special needs children who otherwise would not be able to access our therapy services. Please contact us for more information.  Note:  Subsidies do not apply to the F.E.E.L Workshops or Children’s Day Camps.

F.E.E.L. Therapy 2-Day Workshops:

$350.00 per person

_The next FEEL Workshops are being planned for the upcoming 2019 season.  The dates will be announced in early spring of 2019.  Please check back with us then.  _

Children Summer Camps (4 Days, 10am - 4pm)

$275.00 per child

  • If you cannot afford the therapy session fees, HWH may be able to help you. HWH has a fundraising division and money raised goes towards supporting families with special needs children who otherwise would not be able to access our therapy services. Please contact us for more information.