I first met Suzanne at Heal with Horses in 2015. Our 4 year old son Aarav had been recently diagnosed with PPDNOS and we were looking for something- we didn’t know what since we were so inexperienced with this situation(!) and by our incredible luck we found The Horse Boy Method sessions with Suzanne and Taylor.

At the first session–my son had an absolute meltdown (his reaction to the whole unfamiliar non city environment)–but after about a half an hour of resistance, I sat on the horse with him and we walked through the beautiful property very calmly. The environment itself is so open, so relaxed- it’s a little hard to describe – you need to experience it. We rode through the forest trail, saw the glowing fireflies, and we fed and talked to the various animals on the property in what seemed to me a very special, magical place. Aarav’s speech wasn’t great at that point, but gradually it’s like we saw a miracle happen.

At the end of only 2 sessions it was like something clicked. My son’s speech came out more, and we definitely saw improvement. Most importantly it felt like all of us were experiencing a peace, and fulfilling happiness, even relief that we hadn’t felt with any other therapy or class we tried since my son’s diagnosis.

We live in Long Island, New York. There are countless equestrian centers nearby us that we have inquired about but they just don’t have the same calming energy that Heal with Horses has. We are truly blessed by this experience and our lives were changed. It taught me so much and even guided me to the right path to help my child. We recently made the trek all the way from Long Island at the end of August 2017 for Aarav to experience the magic once again!

It’s important to note that it happened so naturally. Our experience wasn’t about forcing or discipline- it was simply about enjoying and respecting nature while reaping all the benefits of horseback riding.

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