The first time we arrived at Heal with Horses TLC, we were automatically greeted by wonderful staff and an array of adorable farm animals. There were pigs taking mud baths, goats and sheep walking around, roosters running and many beautiful horses in the field. My son instantly started to bounce out of his seat, excited to get out there and meet everyone (the animals).

My 6 year old son Liam has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Liam has a hard time communicating with peers, family and his community. He is a lovely, bright child and animals have always been his favourite topic to talk about. Liam fell in love at first sight with Heal with Horses TLC. He was in his element after the very first session. He was able to be free and to be himself.

Every single week, Liam gets more and more comfortable being on his favourite horse Remi and being around the other horses and animals. Liam started out very hesitant when approaching the animals, much like he does with people. Liam has a very hard time gaining trust and putting his whole self out there for others to see.

There have been many elements of Heal with Horses TLC that have allowed my child to express him self fully. Taylor and Suzanne have been there to help Liam grow in his comfort level and expressive language level from the very beginning. Also, a few other staff have helped along the way in making Liam’s sessions unforgettable and relaxed.

Liam has grown to feel more self-confident, comfortable in his own skin and expressive since starting his sessions at Heal with Horses TLC. At the beginning the staff started by building a solid rapport with my child and building the trust they knew he needed. Liam has learned to share himself with them through fears and excitement and with each session comes less fear.

Liam confidently gets out of our vehicle, walks down the path past everyone else and into the stable where Remi awaits. They now have such a wonderful connection that as soon as Liam walks in, Remi turns around to give Liam a huge kiss and Liam greets her with a warm hug and a “Hello Remi!”

These sessions at Heal with Horses TLC are what Liam looks forward to every single week. Every Saturday when we are leaving our session, Liam will say “I want to go see Remi” and throughout the week he counts down the days left until he can return. I am so thankful that Heal with Horses has given my child a sense of purpose, a comfort away from home, a feeling of belonging and his first true friendship. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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