Our six year old son, Owen, has been attending Heal with Horses for weekly Horse Boy sessions for five months. Owen has been diagnosed with severe autism and we are constantly trying to find activities that help him improve his language and social skills. Suzanne, Taylor and the rest of the team at Heal with Horses work with us to program activities that match our goals for Owen’s development.

On our first tour of the Heal with Horses farm, Owen was hesitant and would not approach any of the animals on the farm. The caring and supportive staff at Heal with Horses helped Owen feel comfortable and got him on a small pony at the beginning of his first full session. Owen had the biggest smile.

Over the weeks, Owen continued to enjoy his trips to the farm. He now rides larger horses and always loves to see the pigs, goats, chickens and dogs. The staff integrates new activities and challenges to continuously promote Owen’s growth.

We look forward to continued adventures for Owen at Heal with Horses.

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